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Acquia, established in 2007, has become a prominent player in the digital experience management sector, focusing on open-source solutions. Its main product, Acquia DXP, integrates Drupal within a hybrid headless architecture, offering adaptability and control for businesses. This setup aids organizations in effectively creating and managing personalized customer experiences across various channels.

Acquia’s contributions to the DX field extend beyond software solutions. The company places a strong emphasis on continuous innovation, integrating AI-driven functionalities and a microservices architecture that enhances scalability and simplifies the development process. Acquia is at the forefront of nurturing an active open-source community, promoting a culture of collaboration and shared knowledge. This aspect is complemented by an extensive network of partners who provide implementation and support services, positioning Acquia as a holistic DXM solution provider.

Acquia’s platform caters to large organizations with complex digital needs, prioritizing scalability, customization, and open-source technology. Its combination of open-source focus, cloud-native infrastructure, AI-driven personalization, and integrated marketing solutions positions Acquia as a strong choice for managing intricate digital experiences across multiple channels.

Key Features:

  • Open-source technology: Acquia uses Drupal, a leading open-source CMS, for flexibility and customization.
  • Cloud-native platform: Acquia Cloud ensures a secure, scalable environment for digital experience management.
  • AI-powered personalization: Acquia Personalization offers data-driven customization for engaging customer experiences.
  • Integrated marketing cloud: Acquia Marketing Cloud provides a unified platform for comprehensive digital marketing management.
  • Strong API capabilities: Extensive APIs facilitate integration with third-party systems and tools.
  • Global partner ecosystem: Acquia’s robust partner network offers implementation, consulting, and support services.

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Customer Reputation

Known for reliability and extensibility, Acquia consistently receives high marks from customers and analysts alike for its comprehensive platform features.

Soluton Partner Ecoystem

Have a well-established and capable solution partner ecosystem.

DX Offerings

DXP Suite, CMS, DAM, CDP, Personalizaton Engine, Marketing Automation

Markets Served

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Key Technology Partners

Amazon Web Services, Google, Commercetools, BigCommerce, Elasticpath, and Algolia

Solution Accelerators

Acquia offers a number of vertical and horizonal soluton accelerators including: • Acquia Commerce Accelerator • Acquia Media Accelerator • Acquia Healthcare Accelerator • Acquia Government Accelerator • Acquia Financial Services Accelerator

Best Fit

Mid-market and large enterprises seeking a secure, customizable, and open-source-friendly DXM solutio, particularly excelling in sectors like healthcare, education, and government.

Customer Support

Acquia's support team is commended for its responsiveness, especially in critical cases. Their readiness to provide immediate and professional assistance is a significant factor that sets them apart from other PaaS vendors.

Major Analyst Coverage

Key Competitors

Adobe Optimizely Sitecore

Key Customers

Nestle, Mediacorp, Mitsubishi, Warner Music Group, and Stanford University

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