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Vendor Spotlight: Elastic Search

Elastic Search

Elastic is the leading platform for search-powered solutions that help organizations, employees, and customers find what they need faster while keeping applications running smoothly and protecting against cyber threats.

Founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, Elastic is a search company that builds self-managed and SaaS offerings for search, logging, security, observability, and analytics use cases. Elastic’s core product, Elasticsearch, is an open-source, distributed search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.

Market Differentiation:

  • Open source roots and vibrant community
  • Flexibility and extensibility of the Elastic Stack
  • Scalability and performance for handling large data volumes and query loads
  • Breadth of use cases supported, from search and logging to security and observability
  • Cloud-native architecture and deployment options

Elasticsearch should be considered by Ecommerce retailers, companies with large amounts of log data to analyze, and organizations requiring enterprise search capabilities across large document collections. Elasticsearch is also well-suited for businesses collecting and analyzing metrics data, those with security analytics needs, and companies with general big data querying and exploration requirements.

For organizations considering Elastic Search, it is essential to carefully evaluate their specific requirements, technical capabilities, and resource availability. While the platform offers immense potential, successful implementation and ongoing management require a strong commitment and the right expertise.

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Customer Reputation

Customers value Elastic for its powerful search and analytics capabilities, ease of use, and vibrant community. Many leading companies across industries rely on Elastic to power mission-critical applications and derive insights from their data

Soluton Partner Ecoystem

• Accenture • Deloitte • Capgemini • Cognizant • Wipro

Markets Served

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Major Analyst Coverage

Forrester, Gartner

Solution Accelerators

Best Fit

Elastic is well-suited for organizations across industries that require scalable, real-time search and analytics capabilities. The company's products are particularly relevant for use cases such as application search, logging, security analytics, business intelligence, and infrastructure monitoring.

Key Customers

Uber, Netflix, Slack

Key Technology Partners

• Amazon Web Services: Elastic has a strategic partnership with AWS to offer managed Elasticsearch services and seamless integration with AWS services • Google Cloud: Elastic collaborates with Google Cloud to provide Elasticsearch as a managed service on the Google Cloud Platform • Microsoft Azure: Elastic partners with Microsoft to offer Elasticsearch on Azure and integrate with Azure services

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

Elastic's community and commercial support options are generally well-regarded by customers. Many appreciate the responsiveness and expertise of Elastic's support teams, as well as the wealth of online resources and documentation available.


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