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Vendor Spotlight: Netcore Unbxd

Netcore Unbxd Search

Netcore Unbxd is an AI-powered ecommerce search and product discovery platform that delivers personalized, relevant experiences to drive conversions and revenue.

Founded in 2012 and acquired by Netcore Cloud in 2022, Netcore Unbxd is a leading provider of intelligent search, product recommendations, and personalization solutions for ecommerce businesses. With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Netcore Unbxd leverages advanced AI and machine learning to understand shopper intent and behavior, delivering highly relevant search results and individualized product recommendations.

Market Differentiation:

  • Deep retail vertical focus with AI models tailored for 9 verticals
  • Wide AI strategy from relevance personalization to predictive merchandising
  • Composable, API-first architecture for flexibility and innovation
  • Automated catalog enrichment to improve product data quality
  • Visual search capabilities to enhance product discovery

Netcore Unbxd is a strong choice for mid-market to enterprise ecommerce retailers looking to drive conversion and revenue growth through enhanced search and discovery experiences. Its key strengths include retail-specific AI models, automated catalog enrichment, visual search capabilities, and a composable architecture.

Netcore Unbxd
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Intelligent Search

Customer Reputation

Generally positive based on the ability to drive conversion and revenue growth. Some concerns around pricing for smaller retailers.

Soluton Partner Ecoystem

Information not provided by vendor

Markets Served

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Major Analyst Coverage

Forrester, Gartner

Solution Accelerators

Best Fit

Mid-market to enterprise ecommerce retailers across verticals looking to increase conversion rates and revenue through enhanced search and discovery. Key industries include fashion, electronics, furniture, and home goods.

Key Customers

Advance Auto Parts, Mattress Firm, Backcountry, Unilever

Key Technology Partners

• Shopify • BigCommerce • Hybris • Magento

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

Largely positive. 24/7 support is responsive. Dedicated success managers provide strategic guidance.


Netcore Unbxd
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Netcore Unbxd

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