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Vendor Spotlight: Optimizely

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Optimizely, formerly known as Episerver, has established itself as a major player in the digital experience platform (DXP) market. Its comprehensive suite encompasses content management, asset management, e-commerce, customer relationship management, experimentation, and personalization, catering to diverse digital experience needs. These products empower global companies to manage content lifecycles effectively, monetize their digital experiences, and experiment across customer touchpoints.

A central aspect of Optimizely’s strategy has been the integration of strategic product acquisitions into a cohesive Digital Experience Platform (DXP) aimed at enhancing the delivery of digital experiences. More recently, they launched “Optimizely One,” a SaaS marketing operating system (MOS) seamlessly integrating best-in-class capabilities with a low/no-code Optimizely One presents a potentially valuable tool for marketing teams seeking to streamline their operations, improve campaign performance, and become more data-driven.

Optimizely competes with major DXP suite vendors, including Adobe, Sitecore, and Acquia. Optimizely stands out for its innovative approach, particularly in AI-driven personalization and experimentation, making it a compelling choice for organizations that prioritize these elements in their digital strategies.

Looking ahead, Optimizely’s strategic direction aligns well with the evolving DXP landscape. Their focus on augmenting their suite with advanced AI features, reinforcing composability, and developing low-code and no-code solutions caters to a diverse range of skill levels. This shift towards more versatile (composability), user-friendly, and intelligent digital solutions highlights a significant transformation within the digital experience management industry.

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DX Offerings

DXP Suite, CMS, Ecommerce, DAM, CDP, Personalizaton Engine, Marketing Automation

Customer Reputation

Customers generally express high satisfaction with Optimizely, particularly praising its robust experimentation features and strong customer support. The platform is appreciated for its ability to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making tools.

Soluton Partner Ecoystem

Accenture Bounteous Cognizant Valtech EPAM

Markets Served

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Major Analyst Coverage

Forrester, Gartner, IDC MarketScape, Aberdeen

Solution Accelerators

Optimizely has a marketplace where customers can purchase pre-built integrations, apps, and extensions for Optimizely's digital experience platform (DXP).

Best Fit

Optimizely's products are best suited for mid to large enterprises that require a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with strong capabilities in experimentation and personalization.

Key Customers

Gap, IBM, eBay, Cuisinart, Santander, and Xerox.

Key Technology Partners

Strategic Partners include Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce.

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

Optimizely is known for providing strong customer support. The company offers a range of support initiatives, including structured learning programs, onboarding, and training, to ensure customer success.


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