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Vendor Spotlight: Squiz Search

Squiz Search

Squiz Search is an intelligent site search solution that delivers fast, relevant results from any data source to provide exceptional search experiences.

Founded in 1998 in Sydney, Australia, Squiz is a global technology company that provides a comprehensive digital experience platform (DXP) which includes content management, personalization, and search capabilities. Squiz Search (formerly Funnelback) was added to the Squiz portfolio through acquisition in 2009 and has since been tightly integrated into the Squiz DXP.

Market Differentiation:

  • Ability to tune ranking algorithms via training datasets
  • Extensive content analytics capabilities
  • User segmentation for personalized experiences
  • Generative AI to provide quality answers from existing content
  • Part of comprehensive Squiz DXP

    Squiz Search is a strong choice for mid-market to large enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions looking for an intelligent search solution that leverages unique capabilities like algorithm tuning, user segmentation, and generative AI. Its key strengths include the ability to obtain insights from diverse data sources, provide rich auto-completion and direct answers, and integrate with the broader Squiz DXP.Squiz Search is best suited for organizations that want to provide highly relevant search experiences by training the algorithms on their specific data and use cases. The solution has a strong track record in verticals like government, higher education, financial services and healthcare.

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    DX Offerings

    DXP Suite, Intelligent Search

    Customer Reputation

    Generally positive based on ability to provide relevant results from many sources. Some concerns around pricing for smaller deployments.

    Soluton Partner Ecoystem

    Markets Served

    North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC)

    Major Analyst Coverage

    Forrester, Gartner

    Solution Accelerators

    Best Fit

    Mid-market to large enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions looking for an intelligent site search solution that can index content from multiple sources and provide relevant results. Key industries include government, higher education, financial services, healthcare.

    Key Customers

    niversity of Edinburgh, Australian Government Department of Health, Financial Ombudsman Service UK, Hutt City Council NZ

    Key Technology Partners

    Amazon Web Services

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Support

    Largely positive. 24/7 support is responsive. Dedicated success managers provide strategic guidance.


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