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Vendor Spotlight: Yext

Yext Search

Yext Search is an AI-powered search platform that understands natural language, delivers direct answers, and provides actionable insights to optimize digital experiences.

Founded in 2006, Yext is a New York-based technology company that provides a comprehensive suite of products to manage digital knowledge and deliver AI-powered search experiences. With a strong presence in North America and Europe, Yext’s Search product leverages natural language processing, a knowledge graph, and a multi-algorithm approach to provide relevant, direct answers to user queries on websites, apps, and other digital touchpoints.

Market Differentiation:

  • Unified platform for search, listings, reviews, and pages
  • Advanced NLP to understand user intent
  • Extractive QA and semantic text search capabilities
  • Robust analytics to optimize search and overall digital experience
  • Knowledge Graph to structure entities and relationships

Yext Search is a strong choice for mid-market to large enterprises looking to deliver natural language search experiences that understand user intent, provide relevant direct answers, and offer actionable insights to optimize. Its key strengths include advanced NLP, a unified platform across search/listings/reviews/pages, robust analytics, and an extensive partner ecosystem.

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Customer Reputation

Generally positive based on the ability to improve site search experience and provide insights. Some concerns around ease of customization.

Soluton Partner Ecoystem

• Accenture • Hero • IBM • Slalom • VML

Markets Served

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Major Analyst Coverage

Forrester, Gartner

Solution Accelerators

Best Fit

Mid-market to large enterprises across industries looking to deliver natural language search experiences on websites, apps, intranets, and other digital touchpoints. Key verticals include retail, healthcare, financial services, and food services.

Key Customers

Marriott, Verizon, Campbell's

Key Technology Partners

• Adobe • Acquia • Drupal • Wordpress • Salesforce

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

Largely positive. Dedicated success managers provide strategic guidance. 24/7 support helps with urgent issues.


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