Contentful Studio Launches, Transforming Digital Team Efficiency While Shortening Time-to-Impact From Months to Minutes

March 28, 2024

Contentful announces the general availability of its second product, Contentful Studio, providing designers, marketers, and content editors with powerful tools to assemble intelligent experiences at scale

DENVER and SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN – March 28, 2024 – Contentful, a leading composable content platform for digital-first businesses, today announced the general availability of Contentful Studio, its newest product. Contentful Studio empowers digital teams, including marketers and designers to visually assemble, and manage digital experiences without relying on developers for every step. 

Empowering Seamless Content with AI-Infused Workflows

Traditionally, crafting and assembling content has presented manual challenges for digital teams, impeding efficiency and stifling creativity. Contentful’s AI-ready approach simplifies how experiences are designed and assembled with intelligent content generation and automated tasks such as content generation and content variants, thereby liberating teams from manual tasks and unlocking their creative potential — without waiting for a developer to do it for them.

“In today’s data-driven world, creating experiences requires a combination of content, design, and data to create meaningful connections with customers,” said Mairead O’Donovan, Chief Product Officer of Contentful. “It demands a strategic blend of human creativity and productivity that can be accelerated with AI to personalize experiences that resonate and drive brand loyalty. Contentful Studio equips our customers, partners, and new digital teams to create market or brand-differentiated experiences. By unleashing the power of composable content, digital teams can achieve new levels of engagement and impact for their brands to ultimately drive unprecedented growth.”

The new capabilities of Contentful Studio addresses scenarios including:

Scale to build once and use everywhere: Accelerates time-to-impact, reducing digital team efforts from months to minutes. Contentful Studio offers scalability through patterns and design tokens. 

Creative Autonomy in one platform: Empowers marketers and designers with an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas to edit, visualize, and assemble experiences while ensuring brand consistency. 

AI-ready to effortlessly automate content: Contentful’s design structure, enterprise-level governance, and roles and permissions ensure brand consistency and integrity while providing users with the ability to design, edit, and publish translated experiences across channels and markets.

Direct-to-consumer customizable eyewear brand, Pair Eyewear, uses Contentful Studio to showcase the perfect pair of glasses for each visitor. Contentful Studio’s visual interface enables their team to quickly create fresh and engaging content that reflects their brand’s spirit of constant change.

“Without Contentful Studio, the learning curve for our Marketing team is pretty high. That means more work for engineering, taking up valuable time with simple things like adding buttons or changing colors. A visual representation of content will make a huge difference and take down that barrier for Marketing. Being able to empower our team to do that on their own is huge,” said Mike Kuerschner, Engineering Manager, Pair Eyewear.

Intelligent, Easy Collaboration for Marketers and Designers 

Contentful serves as the bridge between human intuition and machine learning intelligence, fostering seamless collaboration among digital teams. With Contentful Studio, non-technical team members can effortlessly assemble and deploy content across various platforms, from mobile and social media to digital signage and websites.

To learn more about this feature, please visit Contentful customers can ask their customer success manager for additional information.

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Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that unlocks all of an organization’s digital content to deliver impactful customer experiences, making content a strategic business asset. The Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio, and the Contentful Ecosystem combine the flexibility of composable content with the intelligence of AI, empowering digital teams to drive business momentum through collaboration, speed, and scale. Contentful powers innovative content experiences across brands, regions, and channels for organizations around the world, including nearly 30% of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

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