Riptide Strategic Group Acquires CMS-Connected Media Corp.



Riptide Strategic Group Acquires CMS-Connected Media Corp., Strengthening Its Position in the Digital Experience Technology Content Sphere

Victoria, British Columbia – December 6, 2023, Riptide Strategic Group, a digital consulting firm specializing in strategy in digital experiences and partner channel development is excited to announce the acquisition of CMS-Connected Media Corp. (CMS-Connected), from Falcon Software Company Inc. (Falcon Software). This strategic move enhances Riptide’s market presence and provides a robust platform for reaching a tech-savvy professional audience in the digital experience technology sector.

About the Acquisition

Since its inception in 2009, CMS-Connected has been a key player in producing and distributing high-quality content specifically tailored for the digital experience (DX) industry, catering to a dedicated and knowledgeable audience of DX technology professionals. Riptide’s acquisition of CMS-Connected is a perfect alignment with its strategic goals, aiming to broaden its thought leadership impact and increase awareness of vendor solutions across a wider audience.

Leadership Comments

“The acquisition of CMS-Connected represents a significant step for Riptide, bringing CMS-Connected brand under our umbrella along with its extensive business network and relationships. We are eager to continue the CMS-Connected legacy and further its impact in the industry,” states Riptide’s John Austin.

“We are thrilled about the acquisition of CMS-Connected by Riptide Strategic Group. This strategic move allows CMS-Connected to join forces with Riptide, combining the strengths and expertise of both organizations to benefit our audience of digital experience technology professionals. This marks an exciting chapter in the journey of CMS-Connected, and I’m confident that Riptide will continue to expand the thought leadership impact, enhance the content offerings, and provide even more value to our dedicated audience. I look forward to seeing CMS-Connected thrive under Riptide’s leadership,” states Falcon Software’s President Gary Eisenstein.

About Riptide Strategic Group

Riptide Strategic Group, through our DX Insider brand, is committed to delivering in-depth insights and expert analysis in the rapidly evolving landscape of Digital Experience Solutions. We focus on the latest in technology, industry trends, and best practices, with the goal of enriching the conversation around digital experience solutions. Our mission is to arm a diverse range of professionals, from vendors to C-suite executives, with essential information for successfully navigating the Digital Experience ecosystem and making strategic decisions in their digital experience solution initiatives.

About CMS-Connected

CMS-Connected was founded in 2009 and has rapidly become a popular platform for marketers to reach a tech-savvy, professional audience. They specialize in creating and publishing influential, digital-experience industry-specific content that engages and educates.

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